Reagens produces and offers a wide range of stabilisers and additives for Slush Moulding and more in general for Automotive Interiors.

PVC compounds are widely used for interior and exterior automotive applications.
Instruments panels, crash pads, door panels, sidebody moulding, soft tops, truck tarpaulins, etc. are only some of the examples of PVC articles used by automotive producers.

Different PVC articles must meet different requirements, for example under body coatings need high resistance to corrosion, stone-chipping and low cost, seat upholstery must offer high performance in terms of high stability or flame resistance.

The selection of the appropriate stabilisation system must be done according to:

  • The type of article to be manufactured
  • The type of available manufacturing process
  • The selection of other ingredients (resin, plasticisers) in the recipe

Stabilisers can remarkably influence chemical and physical properties of compounds. They ensure specific properties such as:

  • The required heat stability & long term thermal ageing
  • Low odour and emission
  • Low fogging
  • Compatibility with other polymers (Amine resistance)

In general, Reagens stabilisers assure:

  • Excellent dispersion into the Plastisol or into the Slush powder
  • The good processing of the material and the required level of heat stability
  • Initial color and color hold, according to the requirement for the specific type of article
  • Excellent resistance agains UV Light degradation
  • Low odour, low emission, low fogging.

Our technicians are at your disposal for the selection of the appropriate solution for your needs.

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