Reagens produces a wide range of stabilisers and additives for the production of Flexible PVC Extruded and Injected articles.

The PVC capability to be compounded with several other chemicals (including other polymers) is the reason of the great versatility of the PVC itself. Appropriate selection of the material to be compounded with the PVC resin lead to compositions and final articles with a wide range of characteristics and performance. Among all the materials that can be use to compound PVC resin, Plasticsers are one of the most important, in term of quantities that can be usued but also in terms of effect on the characteristic of the final article.
The Plasticiser increase the flexibility of the PVC composition to almost any desired level and this allow the manufacturing of articles for a wide range of applications. The plasticiser content reduce also the processing temperature of the PVC compounds.
Plasticised PVC compounds can be processed by using the different available technologies: Calendering (see appropriate section), Extrusion, Injection moulding.

The articles produced in plasticised PVC are of the most diverse. The most significant is certainly the insulation for cables & wires (see appropriate sections), but also flexible tubes and hoses (also for Medical applications), gaskets for the different end products, boots & shoes and a wide range of injected articles for several applications are usually manufactured with flexible PVC compounds.

The selection of the appropriate stabilisers depends on several parameters:

  • the final application for the article
  • the performance requested to the final article
  • the type of available manufacturing equipment to be used
  • the legal requirements on the final article (Food contact approval for example)

Available stabilisers compositions are different and the performance of the final articles are effected by the stabiliser’s selection.

In general, Reagens stabilisers assure:

  • The good processing of the material and the required level of self-lubrication (when needed)
  • Heat stability, initial color, color hold and transparency according to the requirement for the specific type of film
  • Excellent resistance for outdoor applications
  • Low odour & low emission

Our technicians are at your disposal for the selection of the appropriate solution for your needs.

Different type of Flexible PVC Articles

Hoses & Pipes
Shoes & Boots
Moulded parts

Reagens different type of Stabilisers

Liquid CaZn stabilisers
Liquid BaZn stabilisers
Solid COS stabilisers
Liquid Organophosphite boosters
Antiblocking Agents

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