Reagens produces and offers a wide range of stabilisers and additives for the processing of Plastisols and Organosols.

Due to their peculiar characteristics, Emulsion and Micro-Suspension PVC resins when blended with plasticisers lead to the formation of a pourable paste (Plastisol). Being “liquid”, plastisol can be moulded pressureless at room temperature and can be gelified by the effect of temperature only in the range of 140°-220°C (depending on process and recipe). Typical plastisol pressureless processing technique include coating, spreading, spraying, dipping and rotational-moulding. These various types of processing can be used to manufacture articles that cannot be produced by classic thermoplastic processing (Extrusion, calendaring) and most of the plastisol manufactured articles are multilayers. Because of the final use of the typical plastisol’s articles, there is a clear focus on low odour, low emissions and fogging and many articles have to comply with specific regulated technical requirements.

Specific stabilisers have to be selected for Plastisol applications and the selection of the appropriate additives depends from several parameters:

  • The final application of the manufactured article and the specific layer to be produced
  • The selection of other ingredients (resin, plasticisers) in the recipe
  • The type of available manufacturing process
  • The legal requirements on the final article.

In general, Reagens stabilisers assure:

  • Excellent dispersion into the Plastisol
  • The good processing of the material and the required level of heat stability
  • Initial color, color hold, transparency, according to the requirement for the specific type of article
  • Excellent resistance for outdoor applications
  • Low odour & low emission

Our technicians are at your disposal for the selection of the appropriate solution for your needs

Plastisol Applications

Wall covering
Artificial Leather
Coated Fabrics
Tarpaulins & Sun protection tents
Roofing membranes
Geo Membranes
Automotive interiors
Adhesive Films
Toys & Roto-moulded articles
CV Flooring (see specific section)

Reagens different type of Stabilisers

Liquid CaZn stabilisers
Liquid BaZn stabilisers
Liquid KZn kickers
Solid COS stabilisers
Liquid Organophosphite boosters
Release agents

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