PVC pipe systems are used in a wide variety of applications in building and construction worldwide.

Outstanding properties, long service life, recyclability and commitment with sustainability makes PVC and CPVC suitable for almost all pipe applications: above ground systems for hot and cold water, waste water discharge and rainwater drainage, and below ground systems for sewers, stormwater and drainage, drinking water and gas supply and, cable ducts.
Reagens manufactures a wide range of stabilisers and additives for the production of rigid PVC pipes and fittings for different applications and technologies.

Our technicians are at your disposal for the selection of the appropriate solution for your needs.

Different type of PVC pipes

Pressure pipes & fittings
Sewer pipes & fittings
Multilayer pipes (foam/recycled material)
Cable Conduits
OPVC pipes
CPVC pipes & fittings

Reagens different type of stabilizers and additiveS

COS Stabilizers (CaZn and Ca-organic)
Sn-Octyl Stabilizers
Sn-Methyl Stabilizer
CPVC Superpacks

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