Reagens produces and offers a wide range of stabilisers and additives for the production of Vinyl Flooring.

Among the sevral application of PVC resin, flooring production has been one of the most dynamic sector during the last years. Innovative materials and constructions has been introduced beside the most classic “flooring rolls” to take advantage of the high versatility of the vinyl polymer and the great advantages over other more conventional materials.

PVC Flooring is available in several design at the state of the art of the fashion, has a great stain resistance and hygienic properties, high dimensional stability, low noise impact, high insulation properties, easy installation also as replacement of traditional materials.
Being an indoor application, flooring production pays a very high concern in environmental issues. Low emission and low odour stabilisers are a must for this application. Beside the “indoor air quality”, sustainability is becoming more and more a key point in flooring manufacturing.

Several types of PVC flooring are manufactured, most of them being multilayer constructions that may include also different materials (fabric reinforcement for example) and/or other polymers.
A wide range of recipes, from rigid to flexible compositions, are produced by almost all the PVC technology are used to manufacture vinyl flooring (plastisol processing, Extrusion, calendaring, press, lamination).

The wide range of recipes and technology used require the careful selection of the most appropriate stabiliser for each specific type of flooring and for each specific layer to be manufactured.

In general, Reagens stabilisers assure:

  • Low odour & low emission
  • Excellent dispersion into the Plastisol or into the dry blend
  • The good processing of the material and the required level of heat stability
  • initial color, color hold, transparency, according to the requirement for the specific type of layer
  • Excellent resistance to dark staining

Our technicians are at your disposal for the selection of the appropriate solution for your needs.


CV Cushion Vinyl Flooring
Homogeneous Flooring
Heterogeneous Flooring
LVT Luxury Vinyl Tiles
SPC Stone Polymer core tiles
Multilayer Modular Floors
Sport Flooring
Safety Flooring
Transport vehicles flooring
Waterproof Flooring

Reagens diffferent type of Stabilisers

Liquid CaZn stabilisers
Liquid BaZn stabilisers
Liquid KZn kickers
Solid COS stabilisers
Liquid Organophosphite boosters
Antiblocking Agents

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