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our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in many locations world-wide

our production units are iso 9001, 14001 and iso 45001 certified

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Reagens Italy

Reagens was founded in 1952 in San Giorgio di Piano, near Bologna, where the headquarters of the Reagens group are still located.

Since then, it has grown steadily thanks to an expansive policy with continuous investments in plants and R&D, developing new and increasingly sustainable additives for PVC and other polymers, thanks to the laboratory in which thirty highly qualified people work.


In this efficient facility, Reagens produces the complete range of stabilizers and co-stabilizers for PVC: solid COS (Ca-Zn and Organic Ca Systems), liquid Mixed Metals (BaZn, CaZn and kickers) and Tin stabilizers.

Reagens is also one of the main producers of thioesters, mainly used in the polyolefin sector. All processes are controlled by automated systems that guarantee constant quality, safety and high productivity ...

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Reagens Deutschland

Reagens Deutschland joined the Reagens group in 2004, when it acquired the entire business relating to PVC stabilizers and related assets from Cognis.


Reagens Deutschland operates from two production sites located in northern Germany not far from Bremen: in Loxstedt and in Lohne ...

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Safety for Neighbours (LOHNE)

Reagens UK

Reagens UK was founded in 1996 to follow the UK and Irish market.

Here we find expert and technically qualified personnel to respond to customer requests, and a perfectly equipped technological laboratory to face every need in the field of PVC transformation ...

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Founded in 2003 and headquartered and plant in Pasadena, TX, Reagens USA is now one of the leading companies in our industry, offering a wide range of Tin stabilizers and PVC lubricants to the North and Central American market.

More recently, Reagens USA started producing solid CaZn stabilizers in a brand new and innovative plant, relying on the technology developed in Europe ...

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Founded in 2013,Reagens Varteco  is a JV with Varteco, a leading manufacturer of plasticizers in South America.

Reagens Varteco started its new manufacturing facility in San Luis, Argentina, in 2016, from where it offers solid COS stabilizers (CaZn and Ca-organic) and LMMs for the Cono Sur ...

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Indo Reagens Polymer Additives was born in 2019 as a JV between Reagens and Indofil, the Indian producer of acrylic polymers, but soon Reagens acquired the vast majority of them.

In April 2021, the new production plant for COS stabilizers (CaZn and Ca-organic) in Dahej (Gujarat) went into full operation. This plant has a capacity of 60,000 t / y and is extremely modern in concept ...

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Technology and innovation are fundamental pillars for our Group - to play a leading role in helping to create a better sustainable future of all PVC applications.

Active involvement in trade associations and sector groups such as ESPA and VinylPlus and in other similar world-wide initiatives, devoted to develop and highlight the key characteristics of a valuable and sustainable polymer, as PVC is. 
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Technical based personnel account for more than 15% of our entire workforce.

Reagens has grown into a world-wide network of businesses with top-class motivated people, working together to drive the business as-a-whole forwards, offering, as a result, one of the largest product portfolios of any stabiliser producers.