Augusto Nanni
founds Reagens SpA in S. Giorgio di Piano (BO).

patents Reablend, the first one-pack  designed for PVC.

Augusto Nanni dies;
Ettore Nanni appointed MD.

Incorporation of Reagens France.

Incorporation of Reagens UK;
Reagens launches one-pack in granular form.

Reagens acquires 26% of the SunAce group.

Enrico Crocetti appointed MD.

Incorporation of Reagens Iberica.

Signing of the PVC Voluntary Committment - PVC Horizontal Initiative,
(it will become Vinyl 2010).

Acquisition of Cardinal's business and assets and incorporation of Reagens USA.

Start up of RUSA plant in Pasadena, TX.

Acquisition of the Loxstedt and Lohne plant from Cognis, becoming Reagens Deutschland.

Reagens launches one-pack in tablet form.

Ettore Nanni elected president of ESPA and member of the Vinyl 2010 board.

Cytec thioester business acquisition by RUSA.

Renewed commitment of the entire European PVC value chain, renamed VinylPlus.

Creation of the JV Reagens Varteco

Reagens patents and launches on the market pure Monooctyltin stabilizers.

No more Lead stabilisers sold into Europe!

Reagens Varteco, start-up of a new plant in San Luis;
Reagens launches pigmented one-pack on the market.

Incorporation of Reagens Varteco Brasil.

Incorporation of IndoReagens.

IndoReagens starts a manufacturing plant in Dahej, Gujarat.

Evans thioester business acquisition by RUSA.

Reagens acquiring Indofil shares and renaming the company Reagens India.