March 23rd, 2020 - Important notice

Impact of Coronavirus on the activity of Reagens SpA

First of all, we want to reconfirm that Reagens SpA, being a chemical company located in Emilia Romagna, is currently fully in production, according to the measures introduced by the Italian Prime Minister's Decree have effects from 23 March 2020 until 3 April 2020. Being considered essential sectors. the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Rubber and Plastics industry are mentioned in the list of exemptions from the decree.

Due to the continuous spread of COVID-19 globally, we are receiving an increasing number of requests for updates on security of supply and on measures taken to protect the health of our employees, our customers and our partners / carriers.

We appreciated your good cooperation so far, that has allowed business to continue without health risks.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus outbreak will be not confined to individual regions or countries and, as the situation evolves, governments are taking measures beyond our control, that could affect our operations and supply chains. However, we would like to share with you what we are doing to ensure that our co-workers and customers are safe and cared for as this situation continues to evolve.

Just before the start of the spread, Reagens in all its facilities has established a core crisis team to monitor the situation and develop guidelines. Action plans and code of behavior are being reviewed and further developed on a daily basis, at all levels.

We would like to share with you what we are doing to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure that our people, our customers and our joint business are safe and cared for as this situation continues to evolve.

• Face-to-face meetings that are not essential for operational continuity have either been delayed or replaced by meetings via on-line platforms.

• We maintain high standards for the quality and cleanliness of our locations every day. The general hygienic guidelines (maintaining distance, regularly washing hands, etc.) have been reinforced. Additional cleaning of offices was implemented and disinfectant gels made available in sanitary rooms and in the common spaces.

• We have cancelled business travel and for all employees who are able to fully execute their function from home, instructions have been given to do so. Additional equipment such as laptops and mobile phones have been provided to maximally allow for this. All face-to-face meetings with either customers or suppliers have been cancelled or replaced by tele-meetings.

• The access at the premise by visitors and staff of outside companies is permitted only if needed for the business continuity.

• For all employees remaining in the office, isolated workspaces are being set up as much as possible. To the extent possible, employees who share open space offices are being moved to offices where they can work by themselves. For the office employees, the instruction of maintaining distance has been reinforced. Masks have been provided to all the employees, requiring them to wear in case of having the need to get close to other employees.

• Check of temperature for any persons entering into the facility have been implemented; people that show signs of illness, even if not shown to be related to coronavirus infection, are being requested not to come to work.

• At the reception areas for drivers, physical screens were already placed to reduce the risk of transmission. The haulers have been informed to ensure the importance of the preventive measures and the drivers must apply them.

• Adequate organizational measures have been implemented in order to guarantee that safety distances are held in common spaces such as canteen and changing rooms.

As for today, our operation is working as normal and we aim to continue to provide our service by applying the following measures:

• Daily communication with our haulers to monitor availability of sufficient transport capacity. So far, no immediate concerns have been raised about ensuring deliveries, however we are getting indications that waiting times at borders and customers have increased significantly. Additionally, the availability of trucks is getting extremely short with a consequent possible sharp increase of the freight rate, impacting both raw materials and finished goods delivery. Therefore, we count on our customer’s understanding.

• Checking with our raw material, equipment and service suppliers. Also, in this case, security of supply is assured for the time being.

• We constantly keep monitored and comply to all the measures imposed by local governments. At this point, for transport of goods, in spite of the restrictions across some of the European borders, our ability to supply has not been affected.

• We continuously revise our Emergency plans and we are prepared to cope with the evolution of the spreading of COVID-19.

Please be assured, we at Reagens are taking all necessary steps to keep our communities safe and are prepared to take any further actions as this situation develops. We will continue to communicate as we manage through this. If you have any questions or concerns, please raise them to your contact.

Lastly, Reagens cares deeply about people; our thoughts remain with those directly affected by the virus and those working tirelessly to treat them.