Plastics burn and release smokes and plastics’ articles with no enough quantity of flame retardants and smoke suppressants can compromise the ability of the people to escape save and sound from the fire scenario.

PVC resin has inherently a good fire performance as all halogenated polymers have, but in plasticized PVC articles we need to use flame retardants and smoke suppressants to reduce the heat release and the smoke production. Furthermore, rigid PVC articles have outstanding performances in terms of reaction to fire, but they can have a strong tendency to release smoke.

Reagens produces a wide range of antimony trioxide free flame retardants and smoke suppressants for manufacturing plasticized PVC articles as cables, hoses and spiral hoses, conveyor belts, gaskets, roofing membranes, fabrics and rigid PVC articles as panels, sheets, profiles, pipes etc..

We work closely with customers to adapt their formulations with our flame retardants and smoke suppressants in order to match the desired fire performance in the article.

Our laboratory has modern instrumentations like cone calorimeter, pyrolysis combustion flow calorimeter, oxygen index test apparatus, and smoke acidity test apparatus, etc.

Flame Retardants & Smoke Suppressants

Compact and foamed PVC-U sheets
Compact ad foamed PVC-U profiles
Naturals Fiber Composites
Pipes and Fittings
Cables (insulations,beddings,jackets)
Hoses and spirals hoses
Textiles and pleather for living  and automatives
Conveyor belts

Reagens different physical forms

Synergistic flame retardants and smoke suppressants

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